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Death of FEAR

Many life forms face extinction, and are often relocated to save the species; it doesn’t matter what they are or where they are taken…they only need a safe haven.  Earth’s oceans have saved alien life, as these unique life forms find the conditions they need to thrive, and the intelligent race that dominates the planet doesn’t know WHAT hides in its oceans.

Rescuing dwindling populations of any life form is a noble task; with many distant planets supporting ocean life, our abundant waters have saved many alien species from certain annihilation; once transferred from their homes, they find exactly what they need to live…oxygenated water, heat from deep ocean vents, seclusion, absence of predators, plus various food supplies–from bacteria to animal, Earth’s sea vibrate with life.  The extreme range of unknown and strange creatures in our fecund seas is so vast, it takes humans a long time to discover new creatures, and science sees that discovery as a new and unknown life form, and never an alien life.  Humans always employ Occam’s razor, making every explanation the most simplistic and easily explained.  Connecting a bizarre extremophile or unusual creature with dozens of Unidentified Submerged Object reports, (U.S.O.s), is a leap of logic frowned upon by humanity’s empirically based scientists.  Always taught that the easiest answer is likely the truth, people we rely on for advanced explanations have become blinded by this tendency to seek the obvious and ignore the extraordinary.  Accordingly, unusual lights/objects in our skies are dismissed as swamp gas, the planet Venus, and other, more down to Earth interpretations of the aerial phenomenons we call UFO sightings.

In some cases, it seems like the U.S. Air Force goes above and beyond to rationally supply reasons for incredible sightings in our skies that most open-minded people recognize HAVE to be intelligently controlled space craft from an unknown location; whether that craft originates from a nearby base or some distant galaxy if unimportant.  What matters is that many of these sightings can only be caused by a mechanical object that was constructed with superior materials and knowledge…a capability which relies on physics we know nothing about.  Yes, we really are that stupid.

Anyway, species that could be erased from existence unless given protection…might end up on Earth…advanced visitors could drop in and monitor the transplant, never be detected by the supposedly “superior” race on the planet, and easily match conditions on other worlds.  It’s also possible


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