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Take a close look at this and allow your mind to decide what this is and why it is in a tree.  The background behind this photo is as follows:

I had been hiking in Manning Park, B.C., after parking my car in the only parking lot about 7 miles away, and I was sitting beside the Similkameen River, writing, reading and thinking.  The moon was full and gave off a lot of light along with the stars.  I was so far from civilization, there was no light pollution…about 30 miles from the small town of Hope.  Yet this photo does not show the blanket of stars we can all imagine from similar situations.  I sat down to enjoy the stars.  Within a few minutes, I seemed to be in some weird pocket of reality…I felt different, heard things differently and had goosebumps on my skin.  I took this photo and several others.  I even moved my spot, saw the stars again, but returned to my original position as I knew there was something very strange going on.  On a clear night, when far from any city, the stars are so intense they look like blankets of different forms and even colors.  But it looks like there was some sort of energy field surrounding me that cut off most starlight…only the moon shone forth with strength, for it reflected sunlight.  I took pictures at different times, as things seemed to change…it was all so amazing, I had to record it; the starlight was originally so intense, I could read without a flashlight.  To be honest, it felt like I was in a pocket of something, and when I examined the pictures later on my computer, zooming in on some orbs, I saw images of cities…geometric shapes that seemed to be perfect and with meaning that I didn’t understand.  I wanted to, but like the complex crop circles, one needs to be a mathematician to see what they represent.  One crop circle showed how pi in a circle could be easily calculated in a square by adding smaller circles on the expanded axis one would draw if starting at the middle and cutting the circle into sections/triangles.

During this entire incident, I was sitting under 200 to 300 foot British Columbia evergreens, something the province is well known for.  This object was somehow hovering near the top of one…absolutely silent.  I didn’t notice it at first.  I gave up reading and began to write; I wrote about science, and then subjects I had no previous knowledge of, complex subjects that were being studied at CERN’s giant particle accelerator.  I began to consider how our macroscopic world is constructed out of subatomic microscopic specs, that when taken in proportion, are similar to the distances we encounter in our normal physical world.

I thought of up, down, top, bottom, charmed and strange quarks, gluons, bosons, mesons, muons, tau, electrons, photons, neutrinos, and the Higgs field…a force that somehow gives mass and energy to these tiny things if they decide to join together and create matter.  Yet the puzzle that seemed to interest me was how these subatomic bits could know how to repeatedly combine to create a copper atom as opposed to a gold or diamond atom.  I was understanding string theory, in that I knew different frequencies would combine to give a known vibration…a state of matter that we would recognize as iron, nickel or titanium.  I intuited that there must be an unknown set of instructions somewhere, similar to the DNA that allows different life to form.  Ironically, I was watching a YouTube video about living in a Matrix, and one of the world’s greatest minds, one of our advanced cosmologists and physicists, shocked everyone when he said he had discovered, at the quantum foam level of existence, a sort of computer code that would explain why all  matter has a blueprint, and the ability to join together to create a substance in our physical world.  The discussion then delved into the possibility of us living in some alien computer program, similar to the theory that we are in a Matrix.  There is another theory that we are in a multiverse, and some time ago, our reality somehow brushed up against a mirror existence, and made tiny changes in our reality that are almost at a subliminal level, but can be noticed if we go back in history.  Certain events were slightly changed, commercials would have different words, commercial products had tiny changes to their names and so on…if this is proof of anything, no one can really propose something that we agree upon as it is so weird.  However, whenever you break something down and look at the fundamental nature of existence, we are always faced with weird.  And, historically, electricity was startling to the entire world…it took awhile for them to accept and understand…but it didn’t take them long to enjoy the advantages…especially at night and in the kitchen.  Electric lights were awesome, and much better than the gaslights that lit Paris and other big cities, a huge fire hazard.   And electric stoves/refrigerators were a Godsend in the kitchen; women loved the help it gave them for housework.  NASA recently took a night shot of the Earth, supposedly to show our progress…in truth, it showed how vulnerable we truly are, and how dependant we are on our electrical grid and power supplies.  If we had a major power breakdown, a natural disaster, it would most likely be the dark areas of humanity that would survive…the areas of light wouldn’t know how to do anything without modern convenience…even get food, build shelter or find water. Some rely on microwaves to cook their frozen dinners…sad, but that’s progress, in some person’s view, most likely the one selling us the electricity.  Sadly, society took a major wrong turn when Tesla was around…he proposed and created wireless electricity that would have powered the entire Earth…for free…a nasty four letter word to the power companies.

It’s a shame, but our civilization, what many consider the pinnacle of human awareness, could disappear in 1,000 years or less.  Concrete crumbles, steel rusts and out footprint here would be erased by geology in no time at all…just like the previous societies we deny existed, as they were wiped out…like Atlantis or even greater and older ones we don’t even know or suspect.  What we don’t know should never constrain us, yet ignorance has held our progress back for centuries…look at the Dark Ages.  Many say that if we pursued pure science during that time and all time, we’d be much further on, living on Mars, and exploring near by galaxies…who knows, it might have happened…in one of the other multiverses, if there are multiverses.  Or unicorns…they say some beasts are based on memory not myth.



Carl Sagan proposed extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof.  What then, in a scientific vien, is considered proof.  Can we trust our eyes, be sure of what we hear and have faith in what we sense across the board? Many may shrug it off, think they were seeing things, or find the negative programing we are subjected to actually changed our perception, or made us unsure of the real nature of our physical world.

I can upload pictures, sound clips and eyewitness testimony, but it seems that only massive evidence shared by everyone is enough to change our programming, or alter the negative outlook we have been taught over the years.  We are like mice in a maze, searching for cheese, and the channels we follow are ingrained in our brains, paths of productive behaviour that we now consider reality, and anything outside our little box is just not possible.  Instead of hopeful belief in a greater reality, we are stuck or content to believe the nonsense we’ve been taught that doesn’t even hold up to logical reasoning, and would fall to pieces if subjected to the scrutiny of a law court.  Case closed; case solved.

Perhaps it is the source of the truth.  Bob Lazar told the world about 9 extraterrestrial vehicles being studied by the U.S. at area S-4, a part of Area 51.  He did this as he strongly felt keeping this information secret was a crime against science plus a disservice to humanity.  The science would change our world, scientific understanding, economy and basic belief system, while the knowledge of another civilization of highly intelligent beings that live very far away is something that alters our place in the universe and personal awareness of what life really means.  We are not alone.  Some simply agree because it is logical so the immense universe is not a colossal waste of space, others agree as their personal experiences have proved this to them already, yet others remain in denial, ignoring what is right in front of them because of what was once behind them…old ideas, religious outlooks and teaching, innate skepticism or the inability to accept new ideas and discoveries that change their simplistic and safe understanding of their small lives and personal beliefs; basically, they are unwilling to accept that there is more to existence than the little they have absorbed, and the old ignorance of fear, or fear of the unknown pushes them back into their safe little worlds surrounded by philosophical fences that keep them happy and sure that all is well, ordered and easy to keep as their weltanschauung and  familiar neighborhood.  When truth lands on their front lawn, they will either be frozen in shock, or have a brain lock that cannot accept what their own eyes are telling them.

This was hovering over me for 3 hours, perfectly silent yet pulsing with energy waves I’ve never encountered before, but discovered they could change my thinking and add information to that 85% of my brain we are all told we don’t use.  After this encounter, it might be possible I”m using 20% or even 25%; all I know is I was once content and blind, but now I can see and I want to learn more.



UFO blown up.45

The bottom photo has orbs in it and is blocking the stars.  I don’t know why, but this is proof, as I was there, and I took this just as I was leaving.  Also, you can see the distant horizon…several trees that are poking up on the river.  It looks dusty and hazy, but it was a clear and hot night in August, and the stars were everywhere; they should be in this picture, as I’ve taken others that show the star field, and know how to really bring them out by adjusting the exposure and F-stops.  For me, this is positive proof many things are going on that we don’t understand.  It is sheer human hubris to think we have a good understanding of all life…there is a lot more for us to figure out and add to the textbooks.  Things like Dark Energy/Matter are examples, and scientists today are saying we already need to rewrite the stuff we are teaching, such as 4th dimensional hyper-physics.  We are learning, and slowly adding to what we know.  Whether another civilization is in contact with us would only be know to governments, as that’s who these visitors would contact…not the general public.  So, do you trust your government to tell you the truth…the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  NOT.

Do we always have to fight wars?  NO.  Who benefits from war?  Governments and corporations.  Who dies?  We do…their sons and daughters are safely hidden away, and only the general population gets drafted…always did, and always will…that’s the elite and what power and money can do.  What can personal enlightenment, spiritual power and absolute consciousness do?  We don’t know, as it’s been a long time since individuals were that connected to the whole, and the personal power they had are merely the stuff of stories…of gods and myths, of legends and fairies.  Were Centaurs, unicorns, Fawns, Dragons and the Minotaur ever real?  We will probably never know, as even if a government program of historical elucidation occurs, they will never share it with us…it will become classified.  The whole notion of the Founding Fathers, in America, of government by the people, for the people has changed.  It is a bureaucratic world of entrenched power brokers, life time military overlords, and a shadow government that runs what really goes on…the elected officials are only there for a short time, never get real power, and can’t expose the things that the truly powerful take and hide…that 16 trillion missing from the U.S. defense program was turned to black budget projects that will never see the light of day.  If they have a secret space fleet, only an act of God will show it to us, or some real invasion by aliens they swear don’t exist.  And, if they are speeding around out there, just as they are here, it won’t take long before they piss off some tranquil and ancient race, thanks to bravado and stupidity.  We seem to produce that in abundance.

I’m sorry I don’t have picture of alien cities, technology or other things that make something seem different.  But, I’ve found it’s not what one sees that makes any difference, it’s how someone sees that will change how they view the all of creation.



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Just a few observations on what surrounds us all…a society that takes itself far too seriously and has some insane idea that we are the pinnacle of intelligent life forms…other humans, all in different forms and functions, and sadly most are stupid and blind to all but intrinsic self-preservation and greed, all examples of a species that cannot learn from mistakes.  Well, you might ask, why not?

This was a letter to a friend, but he suggested the comments were interesting enough to share it with others, so pardon mistakes and I hope there are subjects that help you try and learn more.

One thing we can all take to the bank is the fact that we are sold a pack of lies about life and what the government has discovered in the last 70 years, so what can we do now?  Start crying?  A society, if aware of the lies it’s being fed, must rise up, unite and organize, and with one voice shout, “We will not take this crap anymore, nor go softly into the night.  Tell us the truth or we will start another armed revolution.”  Well, this might have more power in America than Canada, as they have really risen up and fought a revolution, whereas Canadians are notoriously famous for being polite and nice to everyone, hence all the lies our politicians feed us.  It’s a bit funny though, as our politicians lie to us diffidently; they are not so sure of themselves, and go way overboard trying to sound official and knowledgeable; it’s like they know they are not very good liars, and know that they could get caught quite easily and that would end their cushy jobs in Ottawa.  What’s not nice is no matter what they do, they still get that fancy pension package.  I think they would still get it even if they went to jail…we don’t seem to have very good laws, and never had politicians like the American founding fathers…those men were visionaries, and created one of the best political systems against tyranny, although that’s exact who’s minding the store down there now.  Oh those great ironies of life.

I recall reading Marcus Aurelius and his reluctant book, Meditations.  Out of his many thoughts based on a stoic outlook on life, he’s given me inspiration and hope, for while he lived in a decadent and rich empire, he lived a Godly life and was more concerned with how he lived rather than how he could enjoy the power he had as Emperor.  This was especially insightful as it was during one of the most turbulent religious periods humanity has ever known.  Jesus Christ had just been nailed to the cross, and His message was slowly working its way across the Roman empire.  Their pagan gods were no match for the wisdom and truth of Christianity, yet Marcus ignored the idolatry, lived an honest and good life, but had never read the message of Christ.  It’s also sad that at this point, greater steps were not taken to ensure the men who would rise to great power within the Church were not curtailed, and allowed to become as powerful as the Kings they contended with for money and rule.  The church was allowed to form an army, have a navy and fought a great many battles; they would always claim to fight in the name of the Lord, but if you examine many of their battles, it’s obvious they were fought for material goods and Earthly power.  This would go on and allow the terror of the Inquisition to happen, along with the extinction of the Cathars based on different religious ideas, and ideas that were more Christ-like than anything the Catholics tried to stuff down the people’s throat.  This was when the ordinary man could not read, and was reliant on priests to read the Latin version of the Bible, and be told how he must live, and how much he must donate to the church.  Phrases like, “God loves a cheerful giver,” and others like that crept into the Bible, as once man starts to play with the word of God, the words end up benefiting greedy humans more than our divine Lord.

The Emperor Aurelius was the sort of person Jesus referred to as good just because his intellect inspired him to be good and avoid what was obviously evil and bad.  One of the great five “good” , Marcus believed in a single God that was all powerful and full of goodness, and that was enough for him to be careful how he lived, what he thought and how he treated other people.  He was a spiritual man before they knew what spirituality was truly about…as many have noted, being good provides an inner joy that is unlike anything we experience in an unjust world.  Immanuel Kant spoke of the “Moral Imperative,” the innate knowledge that shows us the difference between right and wrong…we are born with a special awareness that a life lived properly is a great joy, while a life of lies and deceit will drag us down, and dampen our spirit.  It is said that a good person can be noticed by his eyes…living a good life brings happiness and joy that pours out of our eyes…the window to our soul.

It could be that the small percentage of rich and powerful, the ones with access to classified scientific breakthroughs, new technologies and any new knowledge that is stunningly powerful, fearfully keep it to themselves, for they are like their medieval ancestors, worried about rebellion.

Sadly, that is a major problem when you assume positions of power and control over  a population that exceeds your handful of elite rulers by orders of magnitude that put you in a precarious position.  How can a thousand rule several billion?  Manipulation…mind control, limited access to anything important and defensive/offensive, and most of all, total control over the money that we all need to be of any consequence.

It’s hardly even worth comparing someone who can buy a block of houses with someone who can buy entire islands or even countries.  If you have more money than any government, you don’t need to worry about bribes and buying those in power, for that government, if it has a sense of self-indulgence and knows that better control over its citizens is the key to remain in power, and the more controls you have in place, the more secure your position as de facto KING.  As I mentioned earlier, this was a great concern in the days of old, and their methods of maintaining their grip over the serfs can still be seen today.  Massive stone castles are fairly safe havens, as peasants with pitch forks can hardly place you under siege, or threaten your gang of enforcers…the knights on war horses.  It was apparent to them that keeping real weapons away from those you rule is a fairly good idea, one that the American government would love to correct, but its population loves its guns, and that is firmly written into their law…the law they can’t break.  They flaunt the constitution as much as they can, write new laws, but those founding fathers were quite clever, and made sure their constitution was for the protection of the people against tyranny. Ironically, those very laws are the ones a whole new age of tyrants manipulate, or ignore as often as they can.  Only the lawyers know when the egregious use of power is unlawful…and many bureaucrats and elected officials vying for more power would love to follow Shakespeare’s advice. “Kill all the lawyers.”  Those lawyers are the only thing keeping the public sector safe from the militarization of the entire country.  It’s already well on its way, but denying the rights of freedom would truly turn America into Orwell’s 1984…a dystopian nightmare that can be seen if one visits China, or is mad enough to visit North Korea.

We would all do well to live with our eyes wide open, never trust someone on face value and make sure the truth you are told is the same truth you can find if you read a book.  It’s a lot easier to lie in a conversation; lying in a book requires careful consideration of proofs, a properly worded build up to the big lie and enough little truths to convince the reader that the writer does have some morals and is not selling you some swampland in Florida.

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We marvel at the great ruins across the world, and greatly puzzle over how they were created in South America, high in the Andes.  No trees grow there; they had no wheel nor beasts of burden, so transporting large blocks is a mystery, much more so than the slabs in Baalbek, Giza or the octogonal basalt logs of Nan Madol.  While Stonehenge, the Chinese caves of Longyou and the many temples carved into solid bedrock, such as Kaliskaya, all have some wild theories about sound levitation or the atomic obliteration of rock, yet no such magic suffices for some of the South American mysteries. 

There are conjectures and guesses, as with anything that holds our interest.  Intersecting Ley lines at some sites suggest they could be ancient Star Gates, yet like all extraordinary theories, these demand extraordinary proof.  There are no doubt many reasons these monumental monoliths were erected; along with exact astrological alignment, we have discovered many other precise calculations were used to place them on points of power…although the only Earth power we are aware of are the ley lines.  The imagined “Earth energy” that was harnessed and spread across the ancient world by obelisks is still a bedtime story and unknown.  There are possibly cosmic alignments with Earth’s magnetosphere that could produce unknown energies of which we are currently unaware, if those points somehow interact with a point in space, such as Lagrange points or forces of which we are not aware.  Scientists seem to ignore things like “Spiritual Centers or dimensional connections,” and many other possibilities that require that out of the box sort of consideration.  We are beholden to groups of experts that seem to believe “if we can’t see it, understand it, or have discovered it, it probably doesn’t exist.”  Balderdash.  We couldn’t see the wind, but know it is there; we couldn’t see magnetism, yet iron filings prove its existence…there must be other forces on the frequency scale we have yet to measure, discover or understand.

Well, this is the sort of thinking that perpetuated the Dark Ages, and reduces science to trial and error, with a lot of errors impeding the advancement of our awareness.  Once we delved into the quantum realm, the fantastic results should show us that anything is possible, and that when something observable occurs that defies explanation, only a very open mind will ever discover the explanation, and as Sherlock Holmes deduced, “Once you have eliminated all the evidence, whatever remains, no matter how bizarre or hard to accept, has to be the answer.”  I’ve been pleased to listen to lectures by cutting edge string theorists, cosmologists and quantum mechanic scientists that are proposing new answers to some of the baffling behavior of subatomic particles, including the possibility of computer code, similar to the elegance of DNA, existing at the Planck scale of existence…hidden in the very quantum foam which apparently lies at the very heart of the atomic micro-universe.  Obviously, there must be some set of instructions to ensure that when Mesons, Gluons and Quarks combine into an iron atom, that atom will be the same nature as every other iron atom.  If this implies a Matrix-like nature to all life, so be it; we don’t live in a universe of chaotic improbabilities, we exist in a state of mathematical and geometric perfection…a beautiful existence with evidences of the Golden Mean, Fibonacci sequences and incredible sophisticated and concise design.  We’ve been shown the square of a circle solution that is so elegant and straight forward, even our best mi30nds never thought to approach the solution in this manner…this was shown to us in a crop circle.  It seems certain that the great intelligences of the universe have chosen this manner of communication as it has been noticed for hundreds of years and is only starting to be understood today.  When Carl Sagan sent his detailed map of Earth and sundry information in a binary message to the stars, the answer to his query showed up in a crop circle at Chilboutan about twenty years later.  There were slight differences and even a subtle correction in the periodic tables concerning silicon.  They showed us a triple helix of DNA that represented themselves, gave a population figure of 30 billion, drew a sketch that showed they had a large head and small body, and used a signal device that was much more complex than our basic radio telescopes.  This was no hoax; the science was too exact, and the corresponding information exactly what we might imagine a real message from an alien species to have sent.  It would take an incredibly intelligent hoaxer to do all this, and we don’t exactly have that many genius level humans running around cooking up elaborate hoaxes.  In addition, the message was close to a radio telescope and included a bit-map of what they might look like.  It was spaced and formatted exactly like the message we sent, just so we would know that it was an exact counterpart to our interstellar message; in other words, it clearly stated message received, understood and here is our response.  After this, there were further messages that all met the real deal rules for non-human made crop circles.  Bent, not forced plants, no footprints, odd magnetic readings and everything the experts have discovered from the massive, geometrically amazing circles that appeared within hours, and were occasionally filmed to find orbs of light zipping around, close to the ground, and as they moved, the underlying crops were suddenly transformed into whatever message they were creating.  As the experts say, the real deal, and so geometrically amazing, it could only be made by mother nature herself or some great universal intelligence.  They contained the exactitude of a snowflake in all its geometric glory, plus the divine numerical ratio we find in Nautilus shells, flowers, starfish and a myriad of nature creations that are breathtaking in their glory.  These are the circles that cannot be faked.  A presentation on this phenomenon showed that 500 years ago, they were thought to be “mown by the devil himself,” as there was no way anyone could create such thing in one night.  Sadly, they didn’t have the benefit of seeing them from the air, a small problem that kept the wonder of the Nazca lines secret until we had flight.  Some of these circles represented human culture; one depicted the endless doorway in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the looking glass.’  We sometimes forget that the imaginative author was also a brilliant mathematician, which seems to the the basis underlying everything in our universe.  We should also remember that science has admitted they do not understand all things, and admit that dark matter and energy are unknowns…that could also make one curious as to what other invisible forces exist that we are unaware of at this time, but could have known about in the ancient past.

In reality, the lost history of Alexandria or complete lack of all pre-flood history deprives us of what may have been normal human abilities as suggested in the Indian Vedas.  The third eye, or Pineal gland, was much larger, more prominent and more powerful, and capable of unknown abilities.  A purported black op moon mission brought back a pilot from a crashed ship there that contained a well-preserved woman with complicated apparatus connected to this third eye; small tubes and springs seemed to give her control of the space craft, and the “team” of international astronauts called the appendage “the mark of Cain.”  That was no doubt from the opinion of the video presenters, but you never know.  From the Biblical record, there were a great number of humans who bore this mark, and perhaps they also had major access to the Heavenly technology reputed to have been passed down by the watchers or angels sent to oversee the affairs of men.  If space flight was something they readily shared, who know what other marvels they could have included in their little educational bundle.  Thus, we have a ready-made explanation for the existence of advanced technology in the distant past, and every thinking person has to wonder why archeologists are so vehemently opposed to wonders in the past, as in their special timeline, humanity were a bunch of cave-dwelling Neanderthals barely able to paint on cave walls, yet there are incredible examples of superior building techniques, technology that should not exist and other examples of knowledge that existed in the dim reaches of unknown history that managed to survive the flood catastrophe that almost every culture on Earth records in their early literature.


In reality, we have no idea what antediluvian humanity looked like, nor do we know what they was capable of…all we can understand are the megalithic ruins left, or the suggestions of apocryphal writings, including the Book of Enoch, who they suggested built the pyramids in preparation for the flood.  If other entities intervened and gave early humans progressive knowledge, it’s obvious most of that technology didn’t survive, or we just haven’t looked in the right places.  Searching Antarctica would be a smart move, but low and behold, American soldiers are there, and they’ve already classified certain areas, plus with hold everything they have discovered to date.  Sometimes the absence of proof that has a good chance of existing is proof in itself…especially when you have shadowy groups digging around that loudy ascert they have not found anything out of the ordinary.  As Shakespeare once said, “Methinks they doth protest too much.”  When you’re holding a 12-foot spear behind your back and someone asks you where you got the spear, the reply, “What spear?” isn’t really going to fool anyone but a class-A moron.  And from the looks of things, the American government thinks most of the world are complete morons, or they are so arrogant they don’t care what the hell we think we might know, as they’ll just deny it anyway.  Like the obvious UFO reports they later called “swamp gas,” or “the planet  Venus.”  As noted in that alleged report on how to deal with the public when covering up a UFO crash, there was a section on dealing with the media where it said “Just make up a story, and stick to it…no matter how flimsy.”  In other words, once they have shoved the evidence in a U.S. Air Force hanger, they know we’ll never get to see it, so they blatantly lie to cover up something that has thousands of witnesses.  Cases that would hold up in court cannot hold up in reality, as the liars are the ones in charge, and they also have the big guns and control of just about everyone of any importance or power.  By the way, we have Harry S. Truman to thank for that, as he created the first “men in black” group that operated outside the law and independently of any and all governmental influence.  This was the bad move that James Forrestal noticed and tried to do something about…he was thrown out of the 10th floor of Bethesda Naval Hospital after a long psychiatric examination.  Just to show they aren’t totally heartless, they did name a class of aircraft carriers after him…gee, what a bunch of nice guys.  This is exactly what the Founding Fathers tried to prevent under the constitution, and the reality that we were warned about by Eisenhower and Reagan.  At least Reagan had the intelligence to only say something when addressing the world through the U.N.  He spoke directly to Gorbachev “How quickly our differences would disappear if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world…and I ask you, is not that threat already here and amongst us?”  That cryptic quote has got to be one of the most analysed and investigated statements by almost any President, as it was fairly clear that he was talking about aliens that were already here and interacting with us, and who had the power to take over the Earth unless we all acted together as one world.  The petty nationalism of countries would soon turn into a fervent desire to be an Earthling and to fight for this planet.  Yet as many pundits tell us, aliens have enticed certain governments with exotic technology and have the powers to be eating out of their hand, and willing t believe anything they say.  We have been warned in many intercepted and hard to interpret messages from space…the one of greatest import is the one that states something like “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”  I believe it was a crop circle in binary that read something like: “Beware those who bring you gifts…be not discouraged, for there is much good in our universe.”  Gee, didn’t these great leaders of ours every hear that old maxim about bearers of gifts?  Did they forget the Trojan Horse?  Or are they so blinded by fancy technology they are eager to sell out humanity just so they and a few rich buddies can hop in spaceships and tool around where we have never gone before.  I really hope we aren’t ruled by idiots that stupid, but it seems that is the case.  From the rumors I’ve heard, it looks like the lunatics really are running the asylum, and the asylum is our planet Earth.  Perhaps they have those medals on too tight, or tightened that dress buckle up too snugly.  How could anyone be so stupid?  Not only that, but what an obvious con, and wouldn’t our “leaders” be watching for that exact sort of behaviour?  Well, I hope the truly spiritual really do win, as those morons could certainly spend a lot of time in some nasty dimension that might cook their underdone brains a little up to normal intelligence.

Kennedy was shot for what they were sure he was about to say, so most Presidents heed that example and watch out for entrenched spooks with guns.  Every conspiracy theory sounds far fetched, but the only one that makes total sense is the CIA stepping in so we wouldn’t share our UFO knowledge with the Russians…which is what Kennedy was purportedly about to do after he released a memo to that effect, telling the director of the CIA to get the files ready.  Ironically, we know about the Kennedy memo, when it was released and all, but there had been no action on it for six months…the CIA basically ignored the orders, and when Kennedy was shot, the memo was thought to have  been erased.  Oh well, someone always keeps a copy of that really incriminating stuff.  This really made future Presidents watch what they said and who they even whispered to.  They couldn’t come out and say much, but they cryptically gave us the verbal clues to know there is a lot going on behind the electoral scene, and that the real power doesn’t exist in the hands of elected legislators, but in the hands of life-time appointees and bureaucrats in the Military, NSA and CIA

The scant information we have claims humanity was able to alter and manipulate the physical world through the power of thought.  Whether that was enough to shape rock or move gigantic boulders like lego, who knows.  It is an interesting suggestion, but one we cannot prove on this level of existence.  The breakthroughs in string theory back up many wild speculations, including the DMT experience and the ability to transcend this dimension, adopt the correct vibration to visit the next, while the DMT expands our consciousness enough to interact with these multi-dimensional beings that have appeared to others and made the same claims.  When we are confronted with advanced UFO’s that are in our world, but then shimmer and pop out of existence, that’s a fairly good indication that they might have left for a different plain of reality.  Again, we can only guess, and it’s only our imagination that allows us to see beyond the rigid confines of textbooks, exact science and dogmatic theology.  The science we are discovering now seems to allow for this sort of phenomenon, yet it is our own minds and preconceptions that trap us here, while the experts quote what is old, told and considered onefold.  We are taught by those unwilling to look outside the box, so how could we ever trust those people to tell us what they truly find, or what may really exist.  There will always be disbelievers, and when looked at in perspective, it was only a few hundred years ago that we had the Spanish Inquisition and were burning witches at the stake.  And, we also thought the world was flat…well, we still have some of those around, but it’s more to be noticed, like some of the UFO abductees that keep elaborating on their story, especially if they get interviewed or get a camera stuck in their face.

The walls of Sacsayhuaman even brought praise from the Spanish conquistadors, brutes who merely saw savagery, and no strategy, yet the construction of these walls baffled them.  What if unknown technology was used, or merely the manipulation of physical forces which we have yet to discover?  Many things were attributed to the power of thought…of mind over matter; what if this were true?  A form of telekinetic force that combined with Earth energies to manipulate the world in ways we find magical, so unscientific and beyond our rigid interpretation of the world.  There is a point where the two combine, as listed in the Vedic literature of India.

But, what if a general knowledge of the physical world/science was behind their works?

Nanotechnology.  Perhaps the “living rock” was grown in place from seed atoms, then trimmed to suit the walls they created.  This would explain the inexplicable marks and exact groves over the construction, and all it takes is to give our ancestors the benefit of the doubt; advanced knowledge that exceeds ours…methods to manipulate the world we have yet to discover.  Many acknowledge this is possible, as the evidence is there, and the justifications our experts give are woefully inadequate.  If, according to written tradition, they had access to “Heavenly technology,” why is it not possible for them to have mastery over elements we have yet to uncover?  We have dark energy and matter, but how many other things might be missing?  Is our periodic table complete?  What subatomic particles have we yet to find?  Questions are what pushes science…and we are a curious race, so why not ask really dumb questions…they might turn out to be really smart.  We would only know when they are asked, and the answers don’t seem to jump up and bite us, or there are no answers that make rational sense.  Ratiocination, examination and a quick close inspection will never discover everything we need to know, or what we don’t need to know, but need to feel.  The spiritual seems to be off limits to science, as religion has made them counter-productive, or at odds with each other.  Why?  Energy is power, and we like power.  History teaches us that.


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This is opinion based on real science.
All matter, visible or physical, is a projection; existence is a broadcast from the micro, sub-atomic universe that defines our reality. Various vibration produce slight variations in reality…vibrations that alter our physical environment by combining fundamental frequencies that shape, mold and alter incredible forces that originate in the sub-atomic world…the world measured on the Plank scale, projecting upward in our larger universe the substance of what we all know as matter. A rock. A pair of molecules that constitute water, and then the biological, living matter we know as grass, trees and flowers. Since these have functions that are independent and add to a cycle we can only call life, these are our most basic life forms…yet, these are also life forms that use frequencies so unusual and unique from the ones that make us, they have properties we are just discovering…they are perfections of mathematical programming….and have we can understand as a divine computer code telling the frequencies, forces and vibrations how to work together to produce the flower we assume is NOT sentient or aware. It form from the microverse up…it is a projection from the fundamental forces of existence…a hologram produced by vibrating strings of supersymmetry. This is string theory, and extension of quantum mechanics that answers the quark, gluon/meson..etc., mystery. Ergo, if all matter is projected up, how is it coherently projected, and why is it always similar? There is an elegant computer code that tells the subatomic world how to create our physical world…it is a set of basic instructions that creates our reality. There can be no other explanation. Several world-class physicists have found this computer code buried on the deep, fundamental reality that governs our , world…a sort of Matrix like idea, but what they found was the master code that must be in order for the micro to create the macro on a continual and consistent basis. There has to be instruction for the interconnection of fields…forces and matter…otherwise, we would have chaos, and that is not what our senses perceive.  At the large Hadron collider in Switzerland, they’ve smashed atoms at near light speed, finding smaller particles that combine to produce the whole.  There must be some innate law that dictates you need several quarks…UP, DOWN, STRANGE, CHARMED, TOP OR BOTTOM, gluons to hold things together, particles with mass, like Fermions/bosons/muon neutrinos, tau, photons, W Boson, Higgs…all the ultra tiny, subatomic particles that are seen when smashing particles…there must be a matter DNA template that dictates what must combine to create an iron, halide, hydrogen or copper atom.  Otherwise, how would they know what to combine to create our matter.  We have genes and DNA, and Freeman Dyson did shock the quantum world when he announced the discovery of a sort of code at the fundamental levels…the quantum foam that exists in Plank sizes, and is the smallest level we’ve been able to see.  Plants, animals, all from their genetic code, are grown by the most sophisticated set of instructions ever conceived.  It’s quite hard to believe, but when you think about it, how else could life form in a consistent manner, or our universe survive from forces we have yet to find, but know they are somewhere on the vibrational scale…as is claimed in classic string theory.  Each building block/string hums along at its own frequency…slightly above or below its neighbors, the whole interlocking puzzle eventually generating a sound unique to that atomic element, and the entire universe of form and matter exists because it has compatible energies which add their original frequencies to the ultimate purpose of what it is to become.  This is a simplistic manner of describing this process, but there is math to back this up, and it is intensely complicated.  We have an idea of how our universe behaves, but we are still dabbling at the edges, pearing deeper into the mysteries of existence.  The true nature of reality, when it is discovered, will be something that will alter our outlooks forever, broaden our understanding, and open the door to technologies we can only dream of at this point.  What we must accept is there is a lot more to learn, and we are only scratching the surface; when we make this great leap of comprehension, almost anything could be possible, and anything could happen.  We might even discover the truth about our baffling history…a fact that historians deny, yet mounting evidence is showing the rest of us that there is a lot more to the story than what we’ve been told…why our true history/development is classified is more evidence about a conspiracy to keep our population in the dark, and only let the elite know the truth.
What is so awesome and Earth-shattering about how our ancestors moved mega-ton blocks around like styrofoam blocks…precisely putting it where they wanted, and joined together with such perfection it survives Earthquakes and other cataclysms…a building technique far superior to what we are currently doing…and using cement that it well beyond the strength of ours, joining together megaliths that we can’t even insert a razor between.  Right…and some of the theories they offer are beyond stupid…how long will this last?  Geologists, builders, stone masons and other experts should be telling us how they think old artifacts were made…the paleontologists, Egyptologists and archeologists are clueless, and offer laughable explanations that have been proven to not work.  When will we all wake up?
Along these paths of scientific method, biologists have tested plants and found that they are able to read negative thought waves originating in our brains. They react with electrical impulses if someone is going to deliberately cut their stem, or damage them in some way. What is going on here? No one really knows. Perhaps our brains are projecting thought waves we don’t know exist…forces the plants are able to discern….or there are some forms of good or bad forces, each having a different wavelength, something the plant picks up on. How is this possible? String theory suggests that 11 dimensions exist to form our 4-dimensional universe…the four dimensions we are able to discern. That leaves 7 dimensions that emit properties we cannot sense, nor do we know what they are for, but the combination is needed to form the physical matter that exists in our mundane universe.  The subatomic particles that provide force, gravity, containent, form and function and even matter all need instructions on how to combine in a consistent way to produce what we see in our reality as a rock or other form of matter.  We see forces that are collections of larger particles such as plasma, light and electricity; and we detect forces that are invisible, like magnetism or scalar waves…we can’t see them, but we know they are there.  One once said, “You can’t see the wind, but you know it is there…”  How else do these tiny collections of quarks and gluons form what remains a rock, or forms a rock from the metamorphic basics?
It is also known and accepted that humans once had mental abilities far beyond what we have today…our pineal gland, that small pine cone like organ we also know as the third eye, was once the size of a shelled walnut…now it is a peanut. The gland could send special thought waves that would interact with the physical universe in a way that had a profound effect on the universe. The ancient Indians have records of Vimana – early flying saucers the U.S. has supposedly mimicked and found in a secret cave in India. They operated on counter rotating magnetic disks and a column of spinning mercury that created a vortex that threw it’s electrons to the surface where they were easily stripped off and used for energy. There were also some that relied on the power of our mind to achieve flight and anti-gravity properties. Yes, this is all true. Do the research and you will be amazed…do not live in a small world of your own construction that has walls of ignorance…and doors of limitations. Many people shut their view of reality down when it reached the bounds of their understanding and knowledge. They like to know what is out there before they believe in fantastic things that could be out there.
Continued in further work.

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Cooking isn’t a luxury…it’s a survival skill. Ask Daddy if he drinks because of stress at work, or if he needs to be drunk in order to swallow all the frozen junk Mommy keeps serving, as she even burns water if trying to make tea.  All he asked for last week was potatoes, but that was just too much for Mommy…all that peeling and cutting, then deciding on what temperature they need to cook properly…it’s all so confusing, and Mommy always works hard with the milkman, the pool-boy and the plumber.  It’s so good of Mommy to have the plumber come by when he’s not home, even when there’s nothing really wrong with the pipes…Mommy always thinking of Daddy, and how he wouldn’t want to see the mess the plumber often leaves.  Mommy even tries to wash the sheets after he’s been here, but that’s so much work, and Mommy also has the mailman to take care of now…she’s just so good to all the men that drop by.  And always so thoughtful and inspired…just last week, she tried to make a cake that had Drano in it…little Johnny thought is was for all the cake crumbs that are discarded when Mommy bakes…this way they wouldn’t block up the sink, so maybe the plumber wouldn’t need to drop in three times a week.  I know Mommy is really trying to learn cooking…she was in the kitchen all day on Monday, but what she made killed Pillows, our family cat, so cooking must be awfully hard to master…especially with all those chemical bottles with the funny letters and sunken numbers on them.

Besides happy families that don’t go insane from weird recipes and bizarre combination of elements, some families can become emotionally upset with each other, and the traditional family gathering around the dining table becomes a thing of the past.  Each will only entrust their lives and taste buds to whatever they find they can tolerate or afford.  While dinner in a can can become a desperate standby, starting meals from scratch are the only way to create something that can smell delicious and fill the plate with something recognizable and even edible.  That involves following recipes or knowing how to combine spices and food properly…often the hallmark of a good family that stays together for life.

If you can’t buy healthy food items to combine in a tasty meal, you rely on junk food, fast food, or canned food. If you think frozen meals are gourmet, you’re in trouble. If you can’t take broccoli, peppers, onions, garlic and meat, cook in a tasty broth and serve over rice, you are in trouble. Those are healthy foods, and make a tasty meal, if prepared properly; it saves money, provides protein and vitamins, and can feed multiple guests. The ability to upgrade raw ingredients into palatable preparations helped our cave dwelling ancestors survive on Woolly Mammoth meat, eat enough to remain healthy during Roman times, cobble together what is available in the Middle Ages, and cook something substantive, plentiful, and useful during the new world migration. Now we survive on massive chains of grocery stores and upscale delicatessens, and that takes money plus smart shopping for healthy ingredients, good sales and what blends well together to make a tasty meal Daddy eats when he comes home…it helps him sit and enjoy his drinks before dinner, and dinner can often mean a happy Daddy, or one that wants to beat the living shit out of Mommy, and finish his entire bottle of rye…then get his gun and let the entire family know what a bad day Daddy had. Poor Daddy, just sick and tired of lazy Mommy and all those frozen pizzas and yucky meatloaf.  And he found out about how nice Mommy was to all the men who often came to 101 Drop Panty Lane.

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The incredible case of blind historians and a past cover up

It’s a curious situation, but modern historians, in our technologically great “Age of Aquarius” and quickly evolving scientific understanding, all seem to be stuck in the past, regurgitating and defending old theories and historical time lines.  It’s even been noted that artifacts and evidence that point to unknown events and even lost civilizations are ignored and often hidden away if possible, just so the old and accepted view of our historical past can remain.  No alien interventions, no super races and no lost civilizations of incredible technology and scientific awareness…yet, discoveries and inexplicable ruins often suggest these explanations should be considered.  It’s like the stodgy Victorian elite, standing by a fire, foot on the hearth, smoking a pipe and sipping brandy, all full of self-importance and amazed at their great theories on ancient civilizations have passed on that mindset to every academic in archeology, Egyptology, anthropology and historiography.  The arrogance of Lord Kelvin even asserted that “all has been revealed,” believing the intellectual powers of the time had figured out all there was to learn about the world, and it was only necessary to consolidate and fine tune their pet theories.  Like rutted animals grinding grain, they were tethered to their own hubris and blinded by their egotistical intellects.  Nothing more to discover would deny Dark Energy, Quantum Physics, Gobekli Tepe, computers and advanced technology, including the airplane and the automobile; space flight, astronomy and countless areas humanity is beginning to explore were unknown to them, yet they were so smug in their greatness they thought they knew it all…sadly, this seems to be the case in modern times, and historians are loath to admit the history books need to be rewritten, and old theories thrown on the trash heap of progress.

Books like “Forbidden History” by Michael Cremo and dozens of others cry out against what seems to be a conspiracy to keep the age of civilized and recorded history to under 10,000 B.C., despite obvious evidence that humanity has been on this planet for perhaps 300 million years.  As Earth is 4.3 Billion years old, has been habitable for a billion or more years, it makes perfect sense that unknown societies thrived, had advanced science and weaponry, and destroyed themselves.  Mars is showing evidence of early occupation and a history that is yet to be revealed, which opens the door to almost any new interpretation of how humanity evolved and came to be, and allows the possibility that we were colonized by wayward spacefarers, or had alien visitors that either introduced life on Earth, or advanced us to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and now technological man.  There was no missing link found between our Neanderthal ancestors, and the primitive humanoids we have found across the planet we no more than dead end evolutionary trends, and were ignored and forgotten at the time; if we are the product of alien DNA mixed with whatever humanoid DNA they selected, our entire species could use a new name, but that sort of reasoning flies in the face of religion, which we refuse to believe could have been a creation of our ancestors to control the people and make the priesthood rich.

Look at the power struggle between the Catholic Church and the Kingdoms of the Middle Ages…all that mattered was money and power.  Spiritual purity was ignored, extravagance was trumpeted, and the poor were again trampled upon.  Thomas Aquinas suggested taking vows of poverty, an act that threw the greedy Pope into an apoplectic fit.  While God watched, man used Him to further his own ends, and enact unspeakable crimes in his name.  There is so much proof, written evidence and other sources that suggest this is more like the truth, the entire elite of our modern world become ostriches and put their heads in the sand.  Shame.

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The writer and culprit…what do you see? Am I real or am I Memorex?  My birth certificate says female…that should answer all questions…right?  NOT.  Stay tuned for unbelievable adventures in a small chunk of Canada time forgot…a long way from Vancouver, my home.

small me

https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/dana-fitzgerald/2234680/  Some of my previous novels…my art gallery is http://www.saatchiart.com/artidan and I’m also a jazz/rock drummer and computer tech.  A B.A., a Diploma/computers, M.C.S.E. and A+ certification…too complex for the eastern life?

It seemed like an easy feat; stock car with food/cooler, add air mattress, sleeping bag/blankets and half a dozen pillows, then leave Vancouver, follow the TransCanada, and end up across the country, in Saint John.  What could happen?  For most, that’s an easy question…for me, I start counting on my fingers, but the disasters add up so fast I’m soon using toes and finally an abacus.  I seem to be a magnet for trouble, so my working title of “method writer,” like method acting, becomes too helpful for discovering new material for a book…the incidents I live through are beyond fiction, but they are merely everyday occurrences for me.

The road trip was fraught with unusual events, odd stories and even nightmarish events that seem straight out of a Stephen King novel.  While doing a little off-highway exploring, I saw an interesting old barn, with a collection of new cars parked so they weren’t visible from the gravel road it was on.  I parked well away from the barn, left my new SUV running, and hopped out to see if there was an owner lurking somewhere.  The doors were slightly ajar, and when I peeked in, the walls were decorated with every sharp-bladed instrument you can image: axes, hatchets, knives, scythes, machetes, weed whackers and power cutters like chain saws and bolt cutters.

After noticing many had reddish stains that reminded me of blood, my calls were answered by an unbelievably cliched character that should have been in the movies…the creep factor he had was off the scale.  I asked him how living out in the middle of nowhere affected his view of reality, and the answer I got was couched in innuendoes, shady comments and almost guilty confessions that he didn’t obey the laws for he was operating on his own.  I asked about all the new cars he had, and was surprised by his answer.  People seemed to leave them there…and he was willing to sell any vehicle for $5,000 cash.  I noticed some BMW’s and a new Mercedes SUV that were only a year old; each car was fully equipped and worth at least $45,000 or more.  I remember thinking where were the cops when you wanted them, but answered his generous offer by saying I was travelling across Canada, and I already had a nice vehicle.  I saw his piggish, greedy little eyes take in my new Santa Fe, then refocus on me…a long, utterly creepy stare.  He mentioned the obvious; “Are you travelling by yourself?”

I’m usually frank and open with most people, but when I saw the gleam in his eyes, and imagined the possible fate of all the owners of those cars, I said I’d just dropped off my companion at the river, and needed to go pick him up again.  I also added he was a cop and needed to do his Kung Fu exercises everyday, as he was a MMA champion.  I said this while backing up towards my car, extremely glad I left it running.  The pig-faced man reacted to my slow escape by moving towards me, which caused me to turn and almost run to my car, yelling over my shoulder how nice it was to meet a real Canadian.  Since he looked like some crazy character out of Texas chain-saw massacre, the real Canadian comment was pure sarcasm, but I didn’t hang around to make sure he got the inference.  When I was in the car starting to reverse with him at least 30 feet away, he saw the futility of trying to get near me, and stopped.  I slowed and got a better look.  With a pear-shaped body and a bullet shaped head, he was definitely an odd one.

Back in Vancouver, we’d just had the Picton trial…the pig farmer who lured unsuspecting girls to his farm by giving them too many free drugs, then raping and killing them.  The body count when I left was up to 34, and they still had a huge farm to sift through, so the evil that lurks in men’s hearts was definitely on my mind, and this psychotic looking piece of trash had evil hovering over his head and oozing out of every pore.  At that point, I was sure the reddish stains on all those cutting tools wasn’t rust…blood was spraying everywhere in my mind’s eye.  My quick and witty tongue, once I was safely ensconced in my driver’s seat with all the doors locked had to respond.  I opened the passenger window, and yelled out “I’ll be back for a few of the cars…I remember licence plates easily, and several seem to belong to people I know.  My agents will drop by…the RCMP…just stay by the barn so they can easily find you.”  After that comment, he tried running full out to my car, which was quickly speeding away in reverse…a backing up talent I discovered when the transmission went in the shit-box Malibu I got for my birthday one year.  It only had reverse, so I drove it home that way; from school at York University in the far north of Toronto, down near the CNE…between Parksville and High Park, a good 30 mile trip.  I managed 65 M.P.H., and held the wheel rock steady.  The funniest part was stopping at red lights; I faced the car behind me, had to look over the back seats to drive, and got to see the absolutely baffled look on the faces of driver’s that couldn’t believe what they were seeing.  As I say, it doesn’t matter where you find your talents, just be glad something happened that let you find them.  I zipped along his gravel driveway at 45, leaving him confused and wondering if the police would soon show up and shatter his little murder world.  Just passing by, a common phrase by then, all I could do was phone local 911, give the address, and offer some enhanced visual evidence that would make the local cops excited enough to come and give the place a good looking over…I figured new cars at fantastic discounts was evidence enough that the shady side of death was everywhere, but hoped it stopped at his property line.  I didn’t know the name of the nearest town, and since I slept in the car, listen to more music than news, my lack of communication made the encounter another mystery that ended in a manner that I can only discern with my writer’s imagination…anywhere from blatant serial killer, lethal car thief or an unfilmed visit to the twilight zone.  A visit I was lucky enough to escape.

When I mention the many tales I experienced in my cross country trip, I can only add perspective; I was just entering Saskatchewan, and already had two different but unsettling adventures behind me.  One at a seemingly out-of-business gas station just before I made it over the continental divide mountains, still in B.C., and stumbling on a drug house in Alberta, where if they discovered you had money on you, killing you with a hot-shot overdose seemed like business as usual.  A few hastily scrapped over lumps in the back yard had too much resemblance to the 6′ X 3′ rectangular mounds we all associate with fresh graves.  I know, this is almost too crazy and too frequent to have happened during my one trip across this great nation…then again, you have no idea how many such incidents pop up in my life, as if I am a spiritual magnet for the aftermath of destruction, evil or highly illegal.  If this could happen to someone, I would be that person; merely explaining what I’ve had happen in one year would make you scratch your head, and finally say, “Well, anything is possible.”  Ironically, I end up with too many stories to write, and I never have to use my imagination, for life is indeed much stranger than fiction.

Next: End of the road, start of the Red Neck bewilderment.  I had people walking up to me and asking what I was…the androgynous gender didn’t cut it in the Maritimes, where men were men, and the women were either extremely overweight, on the far side of ugly or in a very small percentage that looked good.  I encountered dozens of women? that I truly thought were men…and when I went back to my female persona, I blended in and was accepted as female so much that certain jealous and psychotic nuts at the cheap rooming house I found thought it was their mission in life to follow me around and tell anyone I spoke with that I was not what I appeared to be.  Several people told me about this, as they knew I was a woman (hey, if the shoe fits….), and thought I should know.  Anyway, this great quest to expose the transsexual didn’t seem to be that clear cut; no one in Saint John had ever seen a real TS, much less one that looked more female than their females.  Gossip in this small town spreads easily, so my fame grew quickly; needless to say, my bad luck happened, I lost my driver’s license for 3 months, and gave everyone a good look at me while taking the bus and just walking around.  By this time there were about 3 champions of the moral majority or whatever they thought they were doing, and I even overheard conversations about me.  One couple argued that I wasn’t the person in question, I merely had the same hair color and style…it didn’t seem to matter that I was walking right behind them and could overhear.  I also discovered they probably weren’t at fault…the I.Q. levels around here are often double digit, and a high level would be somewhere near 115.

When you have to point out that a certain woman might not be a woman, it gets tougher when whoever is trying to see who their friend is pointing to sees you, but keeps looking as they see you as too female to be the person in question.  Whatever the case, it is a nasty feeling when idle gossip is taken as literal truth, and skid row alcoholics are able to cause problems just by saying something other’s hear about but long to see.  Now I have my car back, so I avoid the areas where the useless go to stand around and kill time…I know what I did wrong, and when I start over somewhere, I will not make the same errors.  Do not tell anyone, for they are desperate for juicy gossip here; plus, I showed up as what I thought was my male side, and told all the people who had to ask what I was that I was male.  Ergo, when I started wearing dresses, wore make up and did my hair, the hot looking female that emerged was too controversial for their fragile male egos.  They would look, like what they saw, but then wonder when they consider what is turning them on could have once been male…this is a backward society, stuck in old morality and part of the hard core bible belt that considers a male to female transsexual as an abomination against all that is sexually normal.

Yeah, that whole mix gave me lots of stories…toss in my standard ability to raise hell and cause accidents, and the result is an almost daily source of misadventures that are hard to believe, even when they are labelled fiction.  If you happen to mention they are true, the incidents seem beyond what is possible, so the fiction label seems to be the only way to write a believable story.

Wait until I start telling what really happened…it will amaze you; only in Saint John could this level of insanity happen, and the idiocy involved be real and almost expected.

A small slice of the truth…


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